Amaze someone you love with a balloon surprise. Attach a greeting card to the balloon and place a balloon into the box. One more cool idea is to put a present inside the balloon and inflate it. Place it inside the box and attach a toothpick to the box. It will be a cool gift idea. You can bright your simple glasses by attaching a balloon to the bottom of the glass. Moreover, it will add grip.
If you work a lol at a desk and use a computer all day, it may harm your wrists. It may lead to chronical pains and we recommend to make a “pillow” for your wrist using a balloon. Firstly, mix water and starch and pour inside the balloon. Place this “pillow” under your wrist for comfortable computer use. Moreover, don’t forget to use a mouse that fits your hand.
Next cool idea to make a stress ball that you can make from available materials. Watch our easy tutorial and make stress ball out of a balloon and a toothpaste. Squeezing stress ball releases tension and helps to relieve stress. Stress balls also boost blood circulation and a perfect tool for meditation.
Be crafty and make party poppers out of empty paper rolls and balloons. Moreover, use a balloon to replace a jar lid. Balloons are perfect to decorate any special occasion – parties, Birthdays, weddings, Baby showers. Use cut color paper to make confetti balloons. Insert confetti inside the balloons and fill the balloons with helium. Shake a balloon a bit to spread the confetti. Double balloons also look perfect and are so easy to do. Put a small balloon inside the large one and inflate. It will be a perfect decoration item.

01:04 DIY stress ball
01:35 Wrist pillow
02:04 Balloon surprise
02:42 Experiments with balloons
03:23 Confetti balloons
05:13 Handmade party poppers

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