Do you need to buy new furniture to refresh your living room? Don’t spend money to buy the new one, you can make it by your hands, just watch our tutorials! Moreover, we have ideas on how to decorate your old furniture to give it a fresh look. Remember that our craft projects don’t require much effort or skills!
Makeover your old dresser only in few steps. Remove drawers from the dresser. Paint the rest with the color you like. Using a screwdriver, remove hardware from drawers. Glue the paper with the pattern you like to the surface. Let dry and attach the hardware. Ready!
Plastic bottles become non-biodegradable litter and so harmful for the environment. Reuse plastic bottles in order to save nature. Check out how to make a DIY plastic bottle puff that will cost you a penny. You may choose the fabric of any color or design that will suit your home décor and taste.
Did you know that you can reuse PVC pipes and create perfect and cheap organizers for wine bottles? Moreover, you can make an organizer for your clothes that will cost you a penny.
Having a small apartment always make us think how to save the space and use it wisely. That’s why we have an idea how to make a working space as practical as possible. We share with you an idea of the mirror folding table. It is attached to the wall and serves as a mirror. But when you need a table, the only thing you should do is to unfold it. Attach a wooden board to the mirror using metal hinges. After that attach the board to the wall. Watch the full tutorial to make a perfect table!
If you are using a computer on your lap you know how hot it could get. So, we have an idea how to make a DIY pillow lap desk for comfortable notebook use. Firstly, you will need to find a pillow a picture frame and piece of cardboard. You can even customize a pillow with the fabric you like. Attach the cardboard to the pillow and cover with the fabric. When the cute pillow is ready to attach the picture frame.

00:09 Reuse plastic bottles
00:59 Decorate your boring dressing
01:30 DIY pillow lap desk
02:30 DIY secret stash
02:59 Mirror folding table idea
07:53 DIY infinity mirror table

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