Your stress level is really high if you work a lot or have stressful exams and you should learn how to reduce stress. Stress may cause a lot of health issues – your immune system weakens, you feel depressed and even stress may lead to gastrointestinal problems. In order to avoid health problems that stress may cause, you need to learn how to relax. This video is full of recommendations and crafts that will help your body to combat stress.
If you feel like a sack of potatoes in the morning, try the exercises we offer to boost your energy. All these exercises could be done in bed and you don’t need to be a yoga pro to repeat these lazy exercises. Here are the best yoga poses to relax: wild child pose, cat pose, forward fold and more!
If you spend long hours working at the desk, make a relaxing hammock for your legs and use it in the office. You will need plastic hangers and a towel. Watch our video for more instructions.
Such kind of art as sand art has different variations and could be used as relaxing practice. We share a wonderful tutorial on how to make meditative patterns called mandalas. Be creative and use your imagination to create different pictures. This form if meditation will help you to clear your mind. Playing with sand develops kinesthetic feelings and so relaxing process.
One more stress relieving idea is to make DIY color kinetic sand at home that you can even use at the office, just put it in a plastic box.
Art therapy offers one more way to relax in the office or during studying – doodle art. Drawing repetitive lines, dots and patterns is a very therapeutic and creative process. This is a simple way to balance your emotions. You don’t have to an artist, all you need is a marker and a piece of paper and you can draw anywhere you want.

00:30 Relaxing hammock for your legs
04:38 DIY colored kinetic
07:05 Exercises to reduce stress
09:01 Massage for tired legs
10:01 Sand art
12:36 Oriental swirls

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