Kitchen sponges could be used not only to wash dishes by also for various kinds of things! It’s a super multifunctional item that will ease your life! Watch our video and learn a lot of crazy yet ingenious ways to use kitchen sponges around your home.
– Make a DIY Sudsy Loofa just in a few steps. Try to put a soap inside the sponge. You will need a bar of soap and big sponge. Put a bar soap on the sponge and use marker to trace the soap bar and cut a hole following traces. Ready!
– Make an ice pack out of a soap bar. Soak a sponge in the water, take a ziplock bag and put a sponge inside. Freeze
– Grill rack is so hard to clean. To ease this frustrating process and clean grill rack thoroughly, take a kitchen sponge. Using a paper cutter cut slits in the sponge and create small squares. Now you can clean grill rack and save a lot of time and nerves!
– Rearranging furniture may lead to scratches on your wooden floor. It could be a real tragedy if you have a dark wooden floor. No problem, just use kitchen sponge hack we share with you. Cut the sponge into small, square pieces. Glue these pieces to the bottoms of furniture legs.
– Dirty and wet sponges are full of bacteria. Use a binder clip to get rid of excess moisture
– It’s so annoying and boring to clean blinds from dust. We are here to help – take a pair of tongs, 2 kitchen sponges and paper cutter. Make slits on one side of sponges to put them on tongs. Put a sponge on each end of tongs
– Clean your makeup sponge easily – put it in water with dish soap and microwave for one minute
– DIY nail polish remover. Take a glass jar, cut kitchen sponge in squares and stuff sponge into a jar. Pour a bottle of nail polish remover over the sponge
– Take two sponges and insert magnets in each. Now you can clean bottles easily

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00:36 DIY ice pack
01:15 Easy way to clean glass bottles
02:18 Quick way to clean blinds
05:10 Smart way to hide money
06:11 Nail polish remover idea

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