If you’re planning a party, learn how to make the coolest decorations. Watch our video and you will find a lot of tutorials with balloons. What is a party without balloons? There are a ton of ways how to creatively decorate a party for a special event. Children and adults love balloons because you can create a fairy tale and balloons summon a positive and festive atmosphere. You can create different decorative elements and toys out of balloons like flowers, animals, hearts and a lot more.
Let’s make poodle balloon animal that is so popular and cute! You will find a tutorial on how to make this fantastic poodle. Use balloon pump and inflate the balloon. Follow the tutorial and make twists to form the head of the dog. After 5 twists make a lock twist to form a dog’s head. Next, continue forming a neck and form 2 legs and tail. One more tutorial you will find is a flower balloon animal. This is a basic flower that is so easy to make. You can choose any color for petals. Kids and grown-ups will love to take photos with this balloon animal.
One more way to use balloons is to keep party drinks cold for a long time. Fill the balloons with water and freeze, place balloons in a plastic container with drinks. Choose the color of the balloons according to your party’s theme.
Do you want to buy a disco ball? Watch our video and make it by your own hands. Find old CDs you don’t need anymore and cut them in small squares using scissors. Take a clear ornament ball and stick squares to the ball using a hot glue gun.

00:12 DIY Balloon rose
03:32 Balloon dog animal
04:42 Watermelon party ideas
09:33 Home soda machine
13:34 DIY Disco ball

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