You might be surprised but cement is one of the best materials for crafting. You can make different items from cement to decorate your home. You can make cute hanging planters and decoration for the garden. Watch our video to make a decoration using an old toy for your garden. You gonna love our sculpting idea for your plants, DIY candle holders and even numbers. Make a trivet for your kettle using silicone mold, drinking straws, and cement.
Concrete letters look really nice and could be used to decorate your house or any holiday. Use cardboard to make molds and wrap them in tape to avoid a leak. Pour concrete mix inside the letters and wait. Once they are dry, remove the mold.
Create a cement stool with wooden legs. This project is really easy: take a bucket and put a concrete mix inside. Once the concrete has settled, place the legs in the bucket. Secure legs with sticky tape. When the concrete has fully hardened take the stool out of a bucket. Ready!
Use lace to the pattern you’re your cement candle holders. Take paper cups and place lace inside. Mix cement according to the instructions on the package and pour into the cup. Place a tea candle on the top and let dry.
Learn how to make concrete hands that will be the cutest part of your garden and home plants collection. You will need concrete, dishwashing gloves, and a bowl. Carefully pour cement into your dishwashing gloves. Carefully push the cement through the rubber gloves and place them into the bowl. Let’ the cement dry and remove gloves. Now you have an adorable decoration item!
As a bonus, you will find a collection of craft projects made from polymer clay. Bowls, jewelry, soap containers – all these items you can easily make from polymer clay at home.

01:29 Concrete stool
03:03 Cement letters
07:44 Cute candle holders
13:33 Polymer clay earrings

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