Check out adorable crafts for a home that will make your rooms stylish and cozy. Moreover, you can use these hacks to organize your home and make it safer.
One of the hot décor ideas of this year is knot pillow and we have a cheap way to make it. Take few blankets, roll them and tie all in a beautiful knot. This idea will save you a lot of money!
Check out how to create donut pillow by your own hands! This project is so cute and requires only basic cutting and sewing skills. Choose any color you want and start creating!
Here is a list of helpful hacks for home:
-cover remote control with a plastic trap
-make creative door stopper out of empty paint tube. Create an effect of squeezing by using hot glue
-turn an empty lipstick container into stylish USB flash driver
-reuse your sock to make a comfortable pillow for office
-make candles out of orange zest
-bleach pine coins to make amazing Christmas wreath
Another comfy idea is to make your own sleeve blanket and it’s quite a simple process that requires basic sewing skills and a bit of imagination. Take a fleece blanket, make sleeves by folding in half and pinning together the two parts of the fabric. Make two holes for hands and pin the sleeves to the holes. Sew along the edge with a small seam allowance. Now you can spend evenings snuggling with your favorite book and a cup of hot chocolate.
Winter is here and it becomes extremely slippery outside. Take eight pieces of feeling and glue four felts on each shoe.
Don’t throw away your old sweater as you can make your own scarf. If you found a Christmas sweater that you don’t like anymore, cut off the arms and upper part of the sweater. So, you have just a square and you need to sew the top edges. Ready!

01:18 DIY door stopper
03:12 DIY Knot pillow
04:12 Cool donut pillow
06:26 DIY sleeve blanket
08:56 Christmas wreath out of pine cones
15:37 Natural air freshener

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