Today you will find extremely cool crafts that could be made with a hot glue gun. You can use a hot glue gun to fix everything around the home, to decorate clothes and create décor items and to make fancy jewelry! Learn important tips how to use a hot glue gun: warm up your glue gun for a 10 minutes before start working with it; choose a glue gun that fits your hand; be careful while using it to avoid burns; if you dropped a bit of hot glue on a wrong place, let it cool and remove; if you see the glue strings, put glue sticks in the freezer.
Here are hot glue ideas everybody should know:
– Redesign your old t-shirt and make every print you like
– Create a cute waterfall that will be a great decoration craft for your home
– Make super helpful high heels cap to run on the grass like a rabbit
– You can create jewelry that will suit your personal taste and style: bracelets and necklaces for a themed party
– You can easily fix your broken eyeglasses by using hot glue and a match
– Make cute roses from hot glue that could be used to decorate your house
– Do you love Paris? You can make an Eiffel Tower using a hot glue gun! Print a picture of the tower and follow our instructions!
– Transform any hanger into a non-slip hanger with just a little bit of glue instead of buying new hangers
– Add grip to the bottoms of slippery sneakers
– Create a helpful cleaner for your brushes with a glue gun and a board. Watch our video!
– Make a phone case with a hot glue gun and a thread. Wrap your smartphone with cellophane. Attach a thread to the glue stick insert into glue gun and easily make a phone case

Share your glue gun hacks with us!

00:14 Handmade hair ties
01:10 Cute needle tops
04:22 Hot glue roses
07:19 DIY Eiffel Tower
12:12 Cheap makeup organizer
19:11 Hot glue plate coaster

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