Here is a perfect selection of funny and useful hacks you will totally love! We know that some things you keep doing wrong. So, watch our video and learn how to cook and eat Choco pie correctly, the correct way to put salami or bacon on the toast and Oreo hack everybody should know.
Phones make our lives easier because we can use them for various range of things: find useful application, order food, find some information, chat with friends. Today smartphones play a great role in our lives and we spend a lot of time staring at the screen that may cause funny situations. Check out a compilation of funny situations every boy and girl will understand. Do you have a friend who takes photos of every food he eats in the restaurant? A very annoying situation especially if your friend asks you to help him to make a perfect photo and you are really hungry. One of the scariest situations is when you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet. It’s a real nightmare! One more situation that could lead to the panic is when you are away from home and need to call your friend for a meeting, but you suddenly realize that your battery has only one percent! Panic, panic, panic! Find more funny situations in our video!
Sometimes we make things so much difficult only because we don’t know the right solution. But it’s really important to look at things with fresh eyes. You will be surprised how fast your life will change. We share etiquette mistakes a lot of people make and the right ways to drink tea, east pasta, the right way to drink wine. Remember that you shouldn’t put your makeup in public. Excuse yourself, get up and go to the lady’s room.

00:09 The best way to eat Choco pie
00:54 Funny cell phone situations
05:37 Etiquette mistakes
09:13 Crazy ways to cook steak
14:19 Use drill to peel an apple

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