We tested some viral hacks and prepared an awesome video for you! Watch our video and learn if they really work! You will find some lifehacks that look sooo weird but they really work!
Here is a selection of tested lifehacks:
– Have you ever faced the situation when you are watching an interesting TV show and accidentally scorched the clothes? We tested the lifehack that said that cornstarch removes iron marks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.
– Antiseptic really removes permanent marker marks
– You can cut a watermelon without a knife using dental floss!
– We found that you can use lemon juice to erase highlighter and checked this lifehack. So, you will need lemon juice and cotton swab and it WORKS!
– If your sink is clogged you can use soda and vinegar to solve the problem. And this lifehack really works!
– You need to sleep at least for 7 hours every day to look good in the morning, but sometimes we work or study till late. Apparently, you will have dark circles in the morning. Ugh! So, let’s test the viral recipe how to get rid of dark circles using tomato and toothpaste. And it DOESN’T WORK!
– Old sweater has a lot of pills and you can use a razor to remove them. Works!
– Use lash curler to open a bottle. Unfortunately, it’s broken! So… DOESN’T WORK!
– We checked an idea of making a custom t-shirt using a crayon. And it WORKS! Restyle your old t-shirt!

Slimes, slimes, slimes! Yes, we love making slimes and use them for different purposes! You can use slime not only for fun, use slime instead of a sticky clothes roller to remove pet hair. Moreover, slime perfectly works to stick photos to a wall, or even as a very convenient nail polish remover slime.

00:11 Viral hacks tested
00:49 Use antiseptic to remove permanent marker
01:23 Lemon juice removes highlighter
06:48 Clever earphone hacks
10:44 Quick way to dry clothes
16:30 Quick artwork idea

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