Don’t throw away newspapers as there are a lot of genius ideas how to reuse newspapers. You can use newspapers as small planters. Make a cup from newspaper to start seeds. Fill the cup with ground and place seed and after that place the cup into the ground. If you accidentally dropped a book to the water, rescue it easily using newspaper. Blot each page gently, using a folded newspaper and let dry. If you don’t have a wrapping paper for a book, use newspaper. You can find a newspaper with cute images to make flowers from newspapers. These flowers will be a creative decoration for the wrapped gift. Moreover, you can make a cute gift bag out of a newspaper.
If you have a lot of wine corks, we have a selection of ideas on how to use them. They are extremely multifunctional and could be used around your home. Cut pieces of wine corks to protect your wooden floor from scratches especially if you have black floors. Decorate vases or planters with wine corks. Make cord ties from elastic band and a cork to keep your cables and wires neat. If you have a small garden at home, make garden markers to define the plants. If the cork doesn’t feet back in the bottle, soak it in hot water for 3 minutes. The problem is sold!
We have more creative ideas for you! Learn stationary hacks you haven’t known before and make cool crafts to amaze your friends! Make a tablet holder out of pencils and rubber bands, use perfume to renew your marker, use an empty lip balm container to make creative USB Flash driver.

00:11 Cool stationary hacks
02:28 How to rescue a wet book
02:50 Clever ways to reuse newspapers
06:46 DIY door stopper
08:27 Wine cork crafts
12:25 How to remove a splinter

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