A Toy Camera Film Festival Returns to Los Angeles

Marc Bascougnano, still from “Trois Plumes (Three Feathers)” (image courtesy the artist and PXL This)

Introduced in 1987, Fisher-Price’s PXL-2000 is a toy camcorder that records lo-fi, black-and-white videos onto audio cassettes. Although it was only on the market for a year, it has garnered an enthusiastic following in the ensuing three decades, finding popularity with everyone from children and amateur cineastes, to artists and experimental filmmakers like Sadie Benning and Joe Gibbons.

Now in its 27th year, the PXL This festival showcases the wide range of pixelvision’s possibilities with over two dozen films, from the narrative to the abstract, absurd to enigmatic. Highlights include David Witzing’s “To the Inland Ocean,” a two-part nature film that combines still shots in color, with pixelated black-and-white footage of sublime seascapes, and Eli Elliott’s “Orpheus 5,” a combination of found footage and Paul McCarthy-style abjection. Relatively cheap and easy to use, the PXL-2ooo offers anyone with an idea the opportunity to become an auteur, providing the missing link between DIY punk cinema and today’s digital directors.

When: Monday, December 11, 6–7:30pm (pre-show begins at 4pm)
Where: UnUrban (3301 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, California)

More info here.

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