Angela Gulbenkian Faces Second Lawsuit, Denver Monet Blockbuster Sells Out, and More: Morning Links from January 22, 2020 – ARTnews

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The German Scene

Having faced a warrant for her arrest last summer after being accused of stealing $1.4 million, German socialite Angela Gulbenkian could now be the subject of potential further legal action, this time over a $151,000 Andy Warhol print. [The Art Newspaper]

“I don’t think Germany provides a good environment for foreigners,” Ai Weiwei said in a new interview in which he discusses the political situation in a country where he has vocally opposed the rise of right-wing factions. [The Guardian]

Art History

According to a new survey, significantly fewer British college students are majoring in art history now than they were at the start of the 2010s. [The Art Newspaper]

Buying tickets to visit the Alhambra, a 9th-century palace in Granada, Spain, has long been a challenge, since travel agencies often take large commissions and inflate the price to see it. But now the palace itself will start regulating those sales by allowing more viewers to buy tickets online. [El País]

The Villa Majorelle, a residence in Nancy, France, that is considered a major example of Art Nouveau architecture, will reopen for tours next month. [Curbed]

Around Denver

Police are currently searching for a man accused of stealing from the Denver Art Museum’s gift shop. [NBC 9]

Meanwhile, a Denver Art Museum Monet blockbuster that closes on February 2 has completely sold out the rest of its run. [CBS 4]

In her review of the exhibition, Phyllis Tuchman said that the Denver Art Museum’s Monet show is more than just another blockbuster devoted to the Impressionist painter. [ARTnews]

Bad Food, Good Art

“I Ate the Worst Salad of My Life in the Name of Art,” reads the name of one review of the food on offer in Darren Bader’s current show at the Whitney Museum in New York. [The Cut]

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