Digital art transforms a new art world

Collections don’t always involve accumulations of things that are old. Sometimes it can be contemporary such as digital art.

Digital art is usually defined as a type of art that involves a computing process and can be mass produced. It is the blending or enhancing of images in a such a way as to produce a new image. If one has teenagers in their lives they have seen them play with a photograph on their phones until it becomes something new. This is the general idea only on a much more challenging level using computers, televisions and video art. This is a relatively new field that has developed since the 1970s when computers first started intersecting into most of our lives. Digital art seems to be popular with those who like a unique experience every time they view a piece an image. This is often found in the advertising world and is widely embraced on most computers.

There are several venues when it comes to digital art. There is the two-dimensional picture that is a result of using a digital instrument, a computer or photo editing software to create the product that is printed for presentation. Next is the digitally produce and presented product on a screen. This version cannot be printed but must be viewed on a projection instrument such as a television, computer screen of a smart board. Finally, there is the category where the art is presented solely with digital tools.

Many museums are already acquiring digital art and are making a place for it in their exhibits. Some feel it’s the trend of the future particularly for this technological savvy generation and it is only going to grow as they age. If one jumps into this field they would need to have some basic hardware for its presentation and much of that would be linked to the type of digital art one collects and how the artist expects it to be viewed. There can be an expense to it that is more than just the work of art itself.

If one finds themselves attracted to this type of art they need to know in advance that they enjoy it. It would behoove them to spend time on their computers, at public showings and museums so they come to an understanding of what it is and what is involved.

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