Talent brews at Laurel’s Funky Art Fridays

“Sci Art” — a contemporary phenomenon with origins in the 1960s — has found its way to Laurel’s art scene via SIP at C Street Flats, where monthly Funky Friday art receptions draw residents and the community in to mingle with the current artist whose work is on display.

More than 20 prior art exhibits, beginning in October 2016, have displayed paintings and photography on the café’s walls. SIP hosts the dynamic exhibits and Friday evening receptions through an arrangement with DC|LA Arts, a local business that installs, markets and refreshes the artwork.

According to SIP manager Joe Valentino, one component of providing an exceptional café experience is community involvement. Supporting local artists, he said, is a great way to do that.

And the artwork adds to the ambience created by the café’s décor.