Venice Flood Damage Totals $397.7 M., Baghdad Protest Art Abounds, and More: Morning Links from February 4, 2020 – ARTnews

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A survey of the damage done by epic recent flooding in Venice amounts to €360 million (around $397.7 million), according to representatives of the city’s mayor. [The Art Newspaper]

From the Middle East, Alissa J. Rubin reports on how “painters, sculptors and musicians are rallying to Baghdad’s protests, and the capital is overflowing with political art.” [The New York Times]

Artist Christine Sun Kim, a star of a recent MoMA sound-art show and the Whitney Biennial, wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times titled “Why I Performed for Deaf Viewers at the Super Bowl.” [ARTnews]

Police in New Dehli shut down a “live community artwork” alluding to India’s anti-government protests at the India Art Fair. The mural being painted at the booth of the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre was inspired by protestors against a citizenship amendment said to discriminate against Muslims. [The Art Newspaper]


A German court ruled that owners of artworks cannot stop a claimant from registering them on, a website designed to help recover cultural property lost due to Nazi persecution. [The Art Newspaper]

Berlin-based artist Simon Weckert created a fake traffic jam on Google Maps with 99 cell phones pulled along in a single handcart that seemed like a bunch of cars crawling along. [The Guardian]

The most prestigious natural history museums in Australia “are calling for more national action to combat climate change as they prepare to use their world-leading research to help in restoration ­efforts for native plants and animals devastated by bushfires.” [The Australian]


Here’s a report on a “growing list of hotels going beyond art on the walls and D.J.s in the lobbies to court the creative crowd. Both residents and travelers are being welcomed to tap their imagination through things like hands-on pottery classes, design workshops and art therapy.” [The New York Times]

A photo gallery pays tribute to a new book that looks at “how Supreme went from cult New York skater label to world-famous brand” with art-world cachet. [The Guardian]

A new show at Louisiana’s Hilliard Art Museum will be focusing on “The Art of Sir Winston Churchill,” with paintings, sculptures, and a lithograph from the politician’s more than 500 artworks. [Smithsonian Magazine]

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